Monday, January 31, 2011

The Green Hornet and Rabbit Hole-reviews 
First,let's talk  about The Green Hornet.I was very disappointed in this movie.I love Seth favorite movies by Seth are Knocked up and Zack and Miri. this movie is best to watch when it comes out in your local Redbox get it for a buck and watch when you are bored, with nothing else to do.the only things that made this movie, where the cool Green Hornet car ,a 1965 Imperial Crown.I love the car !it even included a vinyl record player.but the car and all the explosions can't save this is slow to develop leaving alot of unanswered questions.Even the small part rolls of Cameron Diaz, Edward James Olmos,and an uncredited part with James Franco couldn't even help this flop of a movie that had tons of potential.

The Rabbit Hole. I love this movie!Aaron Eckhart and Nicole Kidman give some of the most powerful performances, i have ever seen.Sadly they didn't win any awards.Nicole did recieve a nomination for OSCAR and Golden Globe question is what about Aaron Eckhart?where was his nominations?Aaron really gave a top performance almost outshining Nicole.Anyway,This is a sad story of a family coping with the loss of their son.I would hate to even think about if I lost one of my children.How i would cope with the loss.
If you are a movie lover like i am,You have to see this movie!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


February, 2011

February, 4 The Roommate-Leighton Meester **

February, 4 Sanctum
February, 4 Waiting for Forever-Rachel Bilson        

February, 4 American Grindhouse-Documentary  
February, 4 Cold Weather    
February, 4 Dressed-Documentary       
February, 4 The Other Woman-Natalie Portman **
February, 11 The Eagle-Channing Tatum,donald sutherland *    
February, 11 Gnomeo and Juliet-kid show 
February, 11 Just Go With It-adam sandler,Brooklyn Decker*
February, 11 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never  
February, 11 Carancho subtitled    
February, 11 Carbon Nation-documentary 
February, 11 Cedar Rapids-Ed Helms,John C. Reilly **  
February, 11 Certifiably Jonathan-comedy documentary       
February, 11 i am you(In her Skin)- Guy Pearce, Sam Neill**    
February, 11 MOOZ-lum-danny glover*         
February, 18 I am Number Four*    
February, 18 Unknown-Liam Neeson,January Jones  **  
February, 18 Brotherhood-Jon Foster*    
February, 18 The Chaperone-WWE'S TRIPLE H *    
February, 18 The Last Lions-DOCUMENTARY     
February, 25 Drive Angry-NIC CAGE,Amber Heard **   
February, 25 Hall Pass-Owen Wilson,Alyssa Milano,Jenna Fischer,Christina Applegate**    

February, 25 The Grace Card *
  *= excitement level 
red=really gonna see

Monday, January 24, 2011

more pictures from Sundance 2011

                                                 todd herzog winner of Survivor China
                                                     louis lombardi-from the Sopranos and Entourage
                                                    Lake Bell-she smiled and waved at me
                                           in the red hat,Elizabeth Olsen
                                                Gowalla airstream
                                                 Hugh Hefner where are you?
                                                   no money to go to any concerts:(

                                                  New Frontier Hippocampus 2 by Daniel Canogar
                                             more from New Frontier "Spin"by Daniel Canogar

list of people i saw at Sundance,but no pictures
Paul Giamatti,Morgan Spurlock,Anne Heche,Kevin Sorbo,Lil' John,Terrell Owens,Paul Mitchell,William Mapother.

photos from Sundance Film Festival 2011

                                              alex kingston
                                                      aubrey o'day
                                                         danny glover
                                               dominic cooper
                                                   banksy strikes again!

                                                  who is this guy?
                                               who is this guy? someone let me know? he was cool!
                                              james franco 
                                            joshua leonard
                                                            ludivine sagnier
                                          todd herzog,me,spencer duhm,michael "frosty"zernow
                                          michael rapaport

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


today i watched Unthinkable.i wanted to watch it,because I love Samuel L.Jackson.i think he is an amazing actor.i really enjoyed this movie,not only because of S.L.J. but the story was really great.also it makes you think about how far is too far in trying to get information out of someone using was really cool to see how people changed their beliefs from one way of thinking to the opposite way,when things got really intense.And what would be the Unthinkable as suggested in the title.

*Watch this if you love Samuel L.Jackson movies.
*intense torture scenes.
*this movie makes you think,great story
*rated R

Friday, January 14, 2011

january 2011 movies i am excited to check out!

i love movies and am so excited for 2011! i have a routine that i do,i find a list of movie releases for the year and then i watch all of the trailers,then i make a list of what i would like to see


Seasons of the Witch-nic cage

Country Strong-gwyneth paltrow,tim mcgraw,leighton meester

Green Hornet-seth rogen,cameron diaz,edward james olmos(SEE REVIEW)

Rabbit Hole-nicole kidman,aaron eckhart(SEE REVIEW)

The Dilemma-vince vaughn,kevin james

Barney's Version-paul giamatti,dustin hoffman

Burning Palms-dylan mcdermott

Every Day-carla gugino,liev schreiber,helen hunt

Plastic Planet-documentary

The Woodmans-documentary

The Company Men-maria bello,chris cooper,tommy lee jones,ben affleck,kevin costner

No Strings Attached-natalie portman,ashton kutcher

The Way Back-colin farrell,ed harris

The Mechanic-jason staham,ben foster(see review)

Biutiful-javier bardem

The rite-anthony hopkins

From prada to nada-wilmer valderrama

When we leave-german film


if you have seen any of these and want to add your review,do so in the comments or send me an email and i will add it.

or if you have a movie you have made and want it reviewed send it to me.
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