Monday, August 15, 2011

iCarly making fun of people with mental health illness?

In the recent episode of iCarly that aired on August 13th titled "iLost My Mind" that also guest starred Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) i was really bothered by how they  Portrayed people with Mental Health illness. It starts out with everyone trying to find Sam who has been missing for  3 days after she "kissed" Freddie .she checks herself in to a mental hospital because she is confused and crazy to have kissed Freddie.they use a cell phone tracking web service to locate Sam. they find out she is in the Troubled Waters Mental Hospital.The group goes to Troubled Waters to find Sam .and as i was watching this,(and i watch and enjoy iCarly with my 3 children ages 13,11,and 9) i was troubled myself as to see how they made fun of Sams problem and how they took what is a serious issue for many people and use it for a comedy sketch.

It was fun to watch Jim Parsons as Caleb who is a "guy from the future" but watching how the Hospital staff acted and how the iCarly gang had easy access to Sams room and also access to the patients in the Hospital, is not how it is in real life.i am sure many of  the young viewers have a family member who has Mental illness and what is that showing are children about the seriousness of Mental Illness? i guess this is a series of 4 episodes for this subject .

i hope that iCarly and Nickelodeon will take more caution in the future in how they show people with mental illness and how they will address it.

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