Saturday, April 28, 2012

Once You Leave-12 part webseries

Once You Leave is a 2011 Indie Intertube award winning best drama webseries.This 12 part webseries is about a girl Kayla Marshall, and her journey back from a 2 year stay in Africa with the Peace Corps. Kayla has it all planned out,except everything she finds back home is not the same. First we find Kayla going back to her home, only to find a strange man in her moms bed,not to mention her unloving and uncaring mother has rented out her bedroom to a another stranger.She decides to go and stay with her best friend Rachel, only to find the shocking news of her death. All of the  plans and dreams Kayla had made in Africa about her future are quickly falling to pieces. Kayla goes searching for answers about Rachel's death.

Once You Leave is Written and Directed by the talented Nate Locklear.His Passion for move making started in 1984, after watching Dune with his parents and saying "Dad! When I grow up, I wanna be a movie producer! His  talent is showcased in this series.I am new to the whole webseries format and I really enjoyed watching this show.I also loved how the scenes were shot,many shots are a homage to Nate's favorite movies.I cannot wait to see what Nate Locklear will be involved with next! and I will seek out many more webseries.What can I say,I am hooked!

The star of Once You Leave is Kayla Olson who is a rising star and Executive Producer and  Co-creator of the series.Kayla won the 2011 Indie Intertube awards for best actress in a drama for her performance on Once You Leave.Kayla will be one actress to watch for in the following years.The whole cast did a great job on this project.Also many first time performances are showcased on this webseries.One thing I really liked, was the placement of music in the episodes,and also how Nate and Kayla  gave credit and links to the music artists.I love finding new and fresh music and this is a great way to help support them.Once You Leave is a must see series!

Webby Awards Honoree: Drama
Once You Leave has been named as an Official Honoree for the 16th Annual Webby Awards in the category of Drama.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sci-Fi Radio Theater

Hey,this is really cool! I am always looking for new and different things to check out,and this is one of them! My friend Charles Davis sent me an email about his project.I am very excited to check this out.

Hear the trailer for the exciting new original online science fiction radio play "The Ba Gua Etuis Box" from Sci-Fi Radio Theater. This 8 part Sci-Fi murder mystery follows the adventures of Otto Vainikainen and Patricia Lacroix as they try to crack a case involving robots and murdered scientists. The Ba Gua Etuis box is available to download as a podcast from iTunes.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DVD and Blue-ray releases 4/4/12

New Releases
Chasing Madoff
Double Hour
War Horse
We Bought a Zoo
TV Box Set
Benson: Season Two
Bob: Complete Series
Brothers: Season One
Commander: Set Two
Danny Phantom: Season Two, Part One
Designing Women: Season Six
Eagleheart: Season One
Great Expectations (2011)
Mayday: Seasons Three and Four
Starman: Complete Series
Torchwood: Miracle Day
Special Editions/Other Releases
1313: Bigfoot Island
1313: UFO Invasion
Alien Opponent
Angels Crest
Ayn Rand & The Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged
Being Elmo
Chapter Two
Del Shores: My Sordid Life
Die Die My Darling
Dysfunctional Friends
Enter Nowhere
Fast Forward (1985)
Free Men
Gas Food Lodging
It's My Turn
Jake & the Never Land Pirates: Peter Pan Returns
Miracle of Marcelino
Nobody's Perfect
Regular Show: The Slack Pack
Space Dogs
The Afflicted
The Corsican Brothers
The Getting of Wisdom
The Lone Wolf Meets a Lady
The Midnight Disease
The Odds
The Prince and the Showgirl
Truth About Kerry
Angels Crest (2011)
Black Butler: Seasons One & Two
Chasing Madoff
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Great Expectations (2011)
London River
Madonna: Truth or Dare
Miracle of Marcelino
The Grapes of Wrath
The Poseidon Adventure (1972)
The Prophecy Collection
Titanic (1953)
Torchwood: Miracle Day
War Horse
We Bought a Zoo
West Side Story: 50th Anniversary Edition
Zorba the Greek
red = movies I recommend you check out.


Monday, April 2, 2012

April movie releases coming to a theater near you

April 4 Titanic in 3D (Re-Release)
April 4 Iron Sky   
April 5 Air Racers 3D   
April 6 God Bless America
April 6 American Reunion
April 6 The Assault    
April 6 ATM   
April 6 Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope     
April 6 Damsels in Distress    
April 6 We Have A Pope    
April 6 The Hunter  
April 6 Keyhole   
April 6 Player Hating: A Love Story    
April 6 Surviving Progress   
April 6 Take Me Home    
April 6 We the Party      
April 6 Rascal Flatts - CHANGED (Special Engagement)  
April 6 Fightville (Canada Only)   
April 11 Post Mortem   
April 12 The Eye of the Storm   
April 13 The Cabin in the Woods
April 13 Lockout
April 13 The Three Stooges
April 13 Bad Ass    
April 13 Blue Like Jazz
April 13 Deadline   
April 13 Detention   
April 13 Here  (Limited) Strand    
April 13 Hit So Hard   
April 13 The Lady   
April 13 Late Bloomers    
April 13 L!fe Happens   
April 13 Mansieur Lazhar
April 13 Touchback     
April 13 Woman Thou Art Loosed On the 7th Day
April 15  Rembert
April 15 Maria My Love
April 20 Chimpanzee
April 20 The Lucky One 
April 20 Think Like a Man
April 20 Goodbye First Love (nsfw) caution trailer contains nudity   
April 20 Darling Companion    
April 20 Downtown Express      
April 20 Jesus Henry Christ   
April 20 My Way   
April 20 Marley     
April 20 The Moth Diaries         
April 20 To the Arctic 3D
April 20 Whores' Glory NSFW CONTAINS NUDITY   
April 20 Zombie Dawn
April 24 All In: The Poker Movie    
April 25 Booker's Place (Limited) TriBeca Films    
April 25 Inventing Our Life: The Kibbutz Experiment (Limited) First Run Features    
April 25 Payback  
April 27 Apartment 143
April 27 The Five-Year Engagement
April 27 The Pirates! Band of Misfits
April 27 Safe
April 27 The Raven
April 27 Bernie    
April 27 Citizen Gangster     
April 27 Elles   
April 27 The Giant Mechanical Man (Limited) TriBeca Films    
April 27 Headhunters    
April 27 Restless City   
April 27 Warriors of the Rainbow     
April 27 Sound of My Voice 
TBA ReGeneration    
TBA Where Do We Go Now?

red = my favorites to watch