Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meter Maids web series

Do you love watching T.V. shows like "The Office ", " Seinfeld" , or "Parks and Recreation" how about "Mad T.V." or "Saturday Night Live" Maybe you enjoy the movie "Ted" well then i think you will really enjoy "Meter Maids"

Already with a total of 16 hilarious episodes. "Meter Maids"  is the brain child of  Peter Podgursky (Cheerbleeders),and  is co produced by Cindy Fang, who together created Grumpy Panda Films.
"Meter Maids" is already gaining a cult status and has been featured with other videos from Grumpy Panda Films on shows like Funny or Die, Slash Film, Racialicious, Obvious Winner, Freddy in Space, Channel APA, and Dread Central.

What is  unique about "Meter Maids" and that I find really cool, is that every episode features one or more guest stars, who have an online fan base.  I love this because you can showcase other people and thier talents. Guest stars have included Michael Rousselet, Kelsey Gunn, and Paul Prado (5 Second Films); Ponce and Scott Perry (The Retarded Policeman) adult film star, Mika Tan, MC Meals on Wheels, Rebecca Addelman (Upright Citizens Brigade); stand up comedians, Reese Waters, Jeff Peterson, and Peyton Clarkson;and The King of Clowns, Clownvis Presley.

"Meter Maids" follows a group of four traffic officers, as they strive to make the streets of Los Angeles safe from parking offenders.They have funny episodes about,a unhappy coworker who has braces,Gun Control,Baby Sitting,Birthdays,Sexual Harassment,and a Doctor who operates out a Subaru.

The cast includes: Amy Wolpa (Take Care,Cross) Lejon "Pirate" Stewart (Pirates of the Caribbean Dead:Man's Chest and  Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl) Peter Podgursky, Cindy Fang ,and Kristen DeLuca (Fast and Furious)

I have honestly laughed some much watching every episode and am already a big fan,and have rewatched them. I hope you will enjoy them as well and tell your friends. I think we will see some big stuff coming from Grumpy Panda Films in the future.
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