Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A story of kindness during The Sundance Film Festival

 One thing i love ,that I have found that happens, during The Sundance Film Festival. Is the Kindness and goodness of strangers.Since 2004, i have never witness any unkind act,or harsh words or violence of any kind during my Sundance experience..I think it is just a time, that everyone who goes, is just devoted to the Film experience.and what the Sundance Film Festival has to offer. And just a passion for movies! Too bad the world isn't more like that.I have experienced so many acts of kindness,as it was directed to me. It would be too many to even talk about in this blog.so i will just mention one.

As my first day of The Sundance Film Festival, was wrapping up.I noticed that my cell phone battery was nearly dead. OH Boy,this is not good,I still had to make the 40 plus mile trek back to where i would be staying with family. For safety purposes i would feel much better,if i had some cell phone battery power.I walked up Main street in Park City,looking for a place that i could recharge my phone. Sadly ,every place was closed for a private party or just closed.As I continued walking, I noticed a Keller Williams Real Estate office with the lights on. I walked in and asked the gentlemen inside, if i could give my cell phone a recharge,with a warm smile, The man answered with a yes! and we introduced ourselves and talked.

I really like to talk with people and develop Friendships, and just get to know other people a little better.
As we talked a little about Sundance and about Real Estate,it was just like talking with a good friend.The man is Scott Larson and i could see he was really dedicated to working his Real Estate business.Even during a very busy Film Festival. I really liked that he wasn't pushy about trying to "sell" me on some Real Estate. Truth is, i do someday want to own a Condo in Park City.I have been going to The Sundance Film Festival since 2004 and have fell in love with Park City.I need to go during the summer and check it out in a different season.

I also asked if he had looked into Social Media and Twitter,and he said he hadn't.I told him it was a great way to connect to people,and share his business. I noticed after i had came back home ,that he has recently started a twitter account! Way to go Scott!

I just wanted to send a little thank you to Scott and give a shout out to his business.I found that his kindness was genuine, and i think in someway,even if we never meet up in person again, we will have a continued friendship via the Internet.And definitely, if i ever get to the point that  i want to start looking for that Condo,then i know i will have a friend that can help me with whatever questions and help that i may need.

If you are looking for some Real Estate in Park City,or in Utah. why not give my friend Scott Larsen a call!

Thanks again Scott,and I look forward to our continued friendship!

Scott Larson- realtor

Keller Williams
Park City Real Estate

1750 Sun Peak Drive
Park City,Utah 84098

also follow him on twitter for Real Estate tips and fun!


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