Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sundance Film Festival day 2

I do not really know the names of some of these great people.as soon as i do i will add them to each picture. Just all around nice and friendly people!

me and Scott Thorough composer for the movie "Newlyweeds"

me and Guy Pearce "The Count of Monte Cristo" "The Time Machine" "Seeking Justice" at Sundance for the movie Breathe In. a very cool meeting, he came up the stairs and i asked him for a picture and he said "i am in a bit of a hurry,let me do my business,then i will catch you after" as soon as he was done, he came up to me for this shot. "I didn't forget about you" he said to me! what a great moment
thanks Guy!

me and Peter Baxter president and co-founder of Slamdance!  I really made it a point to go, and met Peter, We talked and I mentioned i had tweeted about Slamdance and had some posts on this blog about Slamdance. I told him "i am a Just a small voice trying to spread the word",and he said Slamdance was also another "small voice" Who knows maybe next year i can spend the whole festival working with Peter and the Slamdance crew!

me and Mandi who works at  Slamdance .she was very kind and sweet to me. she even told me she has read my blog! she will probably hate that i posted this picture of her,she said it was the day she didn't wear any makeup.I think she is very pretty :)

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