Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why I think Taylor Swift should be the Bachelorette

I love Taylor Swift and think she would be perfect as the next Bachelorette! here are some of my thinking as to why she would be the perfect choice.

1. She Loves to Date!  and what better way than with 25 different guys!
I do think that Taylor is looking for love in all the wrong places,she is dating Musicians,Actors etc. And those are the type to avoid, if looking for someone to spend a lifetime with.It does work for some famous couples,but why not try something different? That maybe is why she is not finding the true love of her life. But why not ordinary guys? she just needs to find a good guy and the Bachelorette would be a great opportunity,and would offer her a way to "date" a whole spectrum of men .

2. She is America's Sweetheart. I think it would be the biggest ratings ever for a network.
she is so likable that everyone would just enjoy watching that side of Taylor Swift!

3.She is ready for love. it is obvious that she is wanting a "relationship" that's why we see her with so many guys in the news.

4.She doesn't need the money. they pay the Bachelorette to do the show. she could donate that to charity.

5.She is a true romantic. and it would be fun to see what type of dates she would pick and it could be all over the world!

The only downside is maybe the security issues involved and stuff related to that. but they could take care of it as a network.and she has her own "team" to also keep her safe.

also guys may be in it for all of the wrong reasons and well we have watched that unfold,but she is a smart women and i think it could only help Taylor and her quest to find true love.

Also,and i say this jokingly,LOL, that she could have enough material for a future album if she writes a song about Greg,Robert,Peter,James,Jerry,Larry, Bradley ......

what do you think? please leave a comment below!

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