Monday, January 14, 2013

Sundance Film Festival tips and just good advice

I have been attending The Sundance Film Festival since 2004,and i have learned so much, obviously in that time. Below I would like to share some advice, and tips to make you Sundance experience just a little more enjoyable.

1. Park City is cold! It is January and winter SO BE SMART! Many of you will come from places that you may have never experienced snow and cold. so  get a good coat. and think layers! you can always take them off  if you get too hot.the opposite is being too cold, and if you have nothing to add then you will not be having a great festival experience. So go with a shirt +fleece+coat.and do not forget a winter beanie cap or good warm hat  and glovesand maybe buy some hand warmers!

2.Boots! a good waterproof boot with good wool socks will be a difference between you and the cold and slushy roads in Park City! i have watched too many people wear tennis shoes and step right into a big slushy puddle of water. it is hard to recover from that,unless you have money to go into the nearest store in Park City and buy boots.Break them in a bit before hand,or you may get sore feet! Think Ahead!

3.Bring a backpack or bag to carry stuff in.THIS IS SO VALUABLE. if it gets warmer you can place your hat and gloves or that extra layer inside and free your hands. also you can add extra snacks and water.etc.

4.Snacks this is very will be out and about for along time and you will not be able to find something really quick sometimes.some places will be very busy and other times you may be getting out of one movie and hurrying to the next not having time to eat anything.I like to carry energy bars,string cheese, a sandwich,nuts and maybe fruit etc. this has saved me so many times and i also have Insulin resistance so i know my body and what i need to do to keep it fueled. Be smart.

5.Know where you can find a restroom! they have one on the outside of main street,one inside a old mall building  and a few others.and one up at the main street transit bus stop.good to know when you got to go!remember that many,many other  people will be in attendance and you will be dealing with them as well.

6.Drink lots of water!you are at a higher elevation and with the cold it can make you dehydrated.go down main street and at the major intersection on the west end north corner is Britra: Filter for Good
water station and you can get a free reusable water bottle!

7.Have a camera ready!you will run into celebrities! this is a major bonus with attending such a big Festival as Sundance!checkout this lame video i made in 2009 on what to do if you meet a celebrity lol

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