Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sundance Film Festival 2014 here I come!

Tomorrow after work I will be driving to Utah, from my home in Idaho, for the Sundance Film Festival! I started my very first trip in 2004 and I can't wait to be back in Park City! The plan is for me to be at Sundance on Friday,Saturday and Sunday! It will be a 3 hour drive to stay with family in Bountiful.Then each day I will have to make the 45 minute drive to Kimball Junction,where i will hop on a bus (free)to Main Street.

I was able to get an extra day off so i can spend 3 days at Sundance.I have actually never watched a movie at Sundance (true)but I have watched nearly all of them after each Festival is over.I remember going the very first time on a wing and a prayer with my best bud Jerry and we have figured it out,by trial and error. Just to be there and check out everything that I can and get Pictures with many actors and talk with so many people with the same passion as my self Is worth everything.

With out money and connections it is hard to experience all that you can during the festival.but make do with what you can! So many of my friends always talk about wanting to go and see Sundance.but they never do and It is fun to show pictures and share experiences.

Well tonight I am just getting everything packed and ready.and tomorrow evening the journey to Utah begins and another Sundance Film Festival will start for me!what will I experience?who will I see and get pictures with?

want to find out what happens. Just check back!