Monday, September 19, 2011

One Week Job-book and documentary review

just finished a good book and it's companion documentary that i picked up at my local library.  'ONE WEEK JOB'. it is about a guy Sean Aiken who graduated college, but did not know what he wanted to do for a career.he came up with  an idea to do a job a week for a whole year.that is 52 jobs my friends! he simply made a web page and then emailed and facebooked all of his friends and the jobs came. i thought the book would be have more detail as to all of the jobs.sometimes he only gives them a quick mention and Sean spends alot of time in his book and documentary talking about Danna,a girl he quickly fell in love with.both the book and  documentary are somewhat enjoyable but lacking in alot of  detailed content.i preferred the documentary over the book.but together they combine for a great adventure.i think everyone would benefit from checking out what Sean has may help you in trying to find your dream job!as i was reading and watching Sean,i kinda wish i could also have a job a week for a year!as i am only one of the many that do not know what to do when they grow up.

I am famous...yah right!

i had a mention in an article for the New York Observer on  May 26th titled Will Tweet for Work! How Not to Become a Personal Assistant

 "Stephen Mayes (@stephenmmayes) of Idaho Falls, Idaho, fits into the latter category. He routinely tweets at celebrities like Lady Gaga and Kristen  Stewart, offering up his services as an assistant. In addition to running a movie blog called The Getting Spot, he purports to be a social media expert and notes on his Twitter bio: “Get to know me I am cool!” A dad of three who was laid off his job as a medical records clerk nearly two years ago, he dreams of a job that’s interesting and glamorous. “It would offer a better opportunity to travel and meet other people,” he told The Observer, “and maybe a better income than what I would have living in Idaho.” So far, none of the celebrities has taken Mr. Mayes up on his offer."

I had hoped it would have landed me a sweet job with some famous person or landed me on a few talk shows.but nothing ever happened.but i still feel like Charlie Bucket from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory hoping that someday i will get my Golden Ticket...........

possible dream jobs.

Personal Assistant to a actor or musician (SEE ABOVE)
film crew (will start at the bottom,AND I HAVE A PASSPORT)
Social Media tweeter.
A&R music scout/manager
personal manager

new album from Switchfoot September 27th!

I have been a Switchfoot fan for along time, had attended a concert,and have met Jon Foreman!finally the bands 8th studio album 'Vice Verses' will be released on the 27th of has been streaming free on ESPN i LOVE this album!it is solid,i will say that it is the best album of the year! you can pre order the album on Amazon itunes it a listen and see for your self.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September movies part 2

September, 23 Humans Vs. Zombies-
September, 23 Limelight-  
September, 23 Machine Gun Preacher-  
September, 23 The Man Nobody Knew: In Search of My Father, CIA
Spymaster William Colby-
September, 23 Puncture-?

September, 23 Red State- 
September, 23 Thunder Soul-
September, 23 Weekend-  
TBA The Double-    
September, 28 You Don't Like the Truth: 4 Days Inside
September, 30 50/50-
September, 30 Courageous-   
September, 30 Dream House
September, 30 What's Your Number?   
September, 30 Margaret-   
September, 30 Around June-?   
September, 30 Bunraku-   
September, 30 Force-   
September, 30 Janie Jones-   
September, 30 Munger Road-   
September, 30 My Joy-
September, 30 Take Shelter-   
September, 30 Tucker & Dale Vs Evil-    
TBA Without Men-   
TBA Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood