Monday, September 19, 2011

I am famous...yah right!

i had a mention in an article for the New York Observer on  May 26th titled Will Tweet for Work! How Not to Become a Personal Assistant

 "Stephen Mayes (@stephenmmayes) of Idaho Falls, Idaho, fits into the latter category. He routinely tweets at celebrities like Lady Gaga and Kristen  Stewart, offering up his services as an assistant. In addition to running a movie blog called The Getting Spot, he purports to be a social media expert and notes on his Twitter bio: “Get to know me I am cool!” A dad of three who was laid off his job as a medical records clerk nearly two years ago, he dreams of a job that’s interesting and glamorous. “It would offer a better opportunity to travel and meet other people,” he told The Observer, “and maybe a better income than what I would have living in Idaho.” So far, none of the celebrities has taken Mr. Mayes up on his offer."

I had hoped it would have landed me a sweet job with some famous person or landed me on a few talk shows.but nothing ever happened.but i still feel like Charlie Bucket from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory hoping that someday i will get my Golden Ticket...........

possible dream jobs.

Personal Assistant to a actor or musician (SEE ABOVE)
film crew (will start at the bottom,AND I HAVE A PASSPORT)
Social Media tweeter.
A&R music scout/manager
personal manager

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