Monday, January 23, 2012

Sundance Film Festival Day 2, January 21 2012

This day, was the day, that it snowed really hard,making it really wet!my camera , a little Fuji point and shoot didn't give me the picture quality i wanted.Next year, i want a cell phone with front and back camera/video to really get "in picture" with people.when you have seconds to get a picture ,and with all of the crowds of people,you need to get in quick!what a wet and cold day!some actors would be really hurried ,and couldn't stop for a picture.You take what you can get sometimes.

                                                  Tim Daly-Wings,Private Practice
                                    Will Forte-Saturday Night Live,Macgruber,Rock Of Ages

                                 Richard Jenkins-Eat Pray Love,Step Brothers
                                                                  Richard Gere
                                 Nia Vardalos-My Big Fat Greek Wedding,My Life in Ruins
                               Mathew Gray Gubler-Criminal Minds,500 Days of Summer
                      Malin Akerman-Heartbreak Kid,27 Dresses,Watchmen,The Bang Bang Club
                                                                         Liv Tyler
                                                                      Lil Jon
                                                  James Marsden-X-Men,Straw Dogs,
                                     Elizabeth Olsen-Martha Marcy May Marlene
                                                not sure who this is? let me know I think it is Taylor Swift!
                                     Maria Menounos-Kickin it Old School,access Hollywood correspondent
                                      here is another guy i don't know.anyone have a clue?
                                             it finally dumped snow! wet, wet ,snow
                                                                my best friend Jerry
                                                               Rashida Jones
                                             Dominic Purcell-Prison Break,Straw Dogs
                                            Cheryl Hines-Waitress,Curb Your Enthusiasm,

I also seen these people,but no pictures
Kevin Sarbo
Sigourney Weaver
Cillian Murphy
Ari Graynor
Elijah Wood
Kate Bosworth

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