Monday, January 23, 2012

clip of Evolution by Marco Brambilla at New Frontier Sundance Film Festival 2012

When at the Sundance Film Festival for opening weekend ,Ichecked out the New Frontier exhibits and was blown away by this collage of movie need to check this out for yourself!

taken from the Sundance page:

In this magnificent, large-scale, stereoscopic, 3-D video collage, media artist Marco Brambilla presents a scrolling mural depicting the history of humankind, illustrating sweeping movements of world conflict through a cinematic lens by seamlessly remixing hundreds of individual channels of looped video gathered from Hollywood’s blockbuster films. Evolution (Megaplex) invites audiences to roam whimsically through the annals of time while casting a satirical look at the bombast of the big-budget “epic.”

Produced by Marco Brambilla Studio and Christopher Grimes Gallery.

(I hope it is OK to post this quick video clip,i do not want to get into trouble,by doing so)

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