Thursday, April 21, 2011

May movie releases

May, 6 Thor-natalie portman,rene russo,kat dennings,jeremy renner,anthony hopkins,chris hemsworth
May, 6 Jumping the Broom-wedding comedy
May, 6 Mother's Day-horror thriller  
May, 6 Something Borrowed-kate hudson,ginnifer goodwin-comedy romance based on a novel
May, 6 An Invisible Sign- jessica alba,story of a math teacher  
May, 6 Last Night-eva mendez,sam worthington,keira knightley romance   
May, 6 The Beaver-mel gibson,jodie foster,jennifer lawrence,anton yelchin
May, 6 The Silent House- psychological thriller  subtitled 
May, 6 Daydream Nation- kat dennings 
May, 6 Forks Over Knives-documentary on nutrition   
May, 6 Harvest- family festival awards  
May, 6 Hobo with a Shotgun- violent comedy  
May, 6 I'm Not Jesus Mommy-sci-fi thriller   
May, 6 Caterpillar- antiwar drama japanese subtitled
May, 6 Make Believe- young magician documentary  
May, 6 Passion Play-mickey rourke,megan fox,bill murray 
May, 6 There Be Dragons-drama
May, 6 The Vintner's Luck-period film about wine and love  
May, 6 Octubre- foreign drama  subtitled? spanish
May, 11 City of Life and Death- dramatization of the rape of Nanking in 1937
May, 13 Bridesmaids-kristen wiig,jon hamm,jill clayburg's last film
May, 13 Priest-horror thriller  
May, 13 The Big Bang-snoop dogg,antonio banderas
May, 13 Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff-documentary   
May, 13 Everything Must Go-will ferrell,comedy drama
May, 13 The First Grader- drama 84 year old goes back to school   
May, 13 Go For It!-dance drama   
May, 13 Hesher- joseph gordon-levitt,natalie portman,rainn wilson,drama   
May, 13 HEY BOO: Harper Lee and "To Kill a Mockingbird"-documentary about the book 
May, 13 The High Cost Living- zach braff drama
May, 13 How to Live Forever- documentary
May, 13 L'Amour Fou- fashion icon documentary  
May, 13 Neds- 1970's drama 
May, 13 Skateland-1980's drama
May, 13 True Legend- martial arts drama  
May, 18 Louder Than A Bomb-youth open mic poetry documentary  
May, 20 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides-johnny depp
May, 20 35 and Ticking- romance 
May, 20 Beautiful Boy- maria bello drama
May, 20 Bloodworth- hilary duff,val kilmer drama  
May, 20 The Lion of Judah-bible animation  
May, 20 Midnight in Paris-owen wilson ,rachel McAdams,adrien brody romantic comedy    
May, 26 Kung Fu Panda 2- jack black  
May, 26 The Hangover Part II
May, 27 The Tree of Life- brad pitt,sean penn  

blue highlighted=movies i want to see

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