Thursday, December 29, 2011

January 2012 movie releases

January 4 Once Upon a Time in Anatolia- (Limited) Cinema Guild   
January 4 It's About You -(Limited) MPI Media Group    
January 4 Kill List- (Limited) IFC Films   
January 6 The Devil Inside- Paramount Pictures
January 6 Beneath the Darkness -(Limited) Image Entertainment  
January 6 Norwegian Wood- (Limited) Red Flag Releasing   
January 6 Roadie- (Limited) Magnolia Pictures   
January 11 Loosies -(Limited) IFC Films   
January 12 Miss Bala- (Limited) 20th Century Fox   
January 12 Northeast -(Limited) TriBeca Films    
January 13 Newlyweds-(Limited)
January 13 Beauty and the Beast 3D- (Re-Release) Walt Disney Pictures
January 13 Contraband- Universal 
January 13 Joyful Noise -Warner Bros.
January 13 Albatross- (Limited) IFC Films   
January 13 The Divide- (Limited) Anchor Bay Entertainment
January 13 The Iron Lady -(Limited) Weinstein Co.
January 13 Lula, Son of Brazil- (Limited) New Yorker    
January 13 Sing Your Song- (Limited) S2BN    
January 13 Vettai -(Limited) UTV Communications   
January 13 We need to Talk About Kevin -(Limited) Oscilloscope Pictures

January 18 Crazy Horse/Desir- (Limited) Zipporah   
January 20 Underworld: Awakening -Sony Pictures
January 20 Red Tails -20th Century Fox
January 20 Haywire- Relativity
January 20 Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close- (Expansion to Wide 
January 20 Carol Channing: Larger Than Life- (Limited)     
January 20 Coriolanus -(Limited) Weinstein Co.  
January 20 The Front Line- (Limited)      
January 20 Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos -(Limited) 
January 20 Pina- (Limited) IFC Films 
January 20 The Snows of Kilimanjaro- (Canada Only) Mongrel Media    
January 21 Watching TV with the Red Chinese -(Limited) Roam Films    
January 27  In Darkness-
January 27 The Grey- Open Road
January 27 Man on a Ledge -Summit Entertainment
January 27 One for the Money- Lionsgate
January 27 Declaration of War- (Limited) IFC Films   
January 27 Rampart -(Limited) Millenium Films
January 27 The Theatre Bizarre -(Limited) W2 Media   
January 27 The Wicker Tree -(Limited) Anchor Bay Entertainment   
TBA Dont Go in the Woods -(Limited) TriBeca Films   
TBA Fightville -(Canada Only) Mongrel Media

titles in red are ones i really want to see

Thursday, December 1, 2011

tv shows i am watching (and you should also)

 I love 2 Broke Girls!I originally only wanted to see it because of Kat Dennings (Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist,Defendor)who i love and adore!but then i just fell in love with the whole show!funny,real,and well cast. the funniest thing about this show is the two broke girls Max and Beth ,HAVE A CHAMPION RACE HORSE AS A PET! and if the sold it they wouldn't be broke and could really jump start their dream of owning a cupcake shop.
 this is just a fun show!i want to buy storage lockers!you have the evil guy  David (who i would love to learn the business from)Darrell who is a veteran storage buyer,the young gun Jared and his attractive baby momma Brandy,with my favorite guy Barry (who is the most interesting person,i want to know more about him,like how many cars he owns, and all the stuff he has collected.)they say it is a scripted show and i don't care,it is just fun!
 Nothing will make up for the loss of Charlie Sheen ,who with Jon Cryer are the show!but with Ashton Kutcher as Walden, it is making for some funny laughs.i give it a season and it will either end or Sheen will have to come back.(true)
 I wanted to watch this because Stephen Lang (Tombstone)was in it,and i like the survival concept of man vs. just is a good show. i watch with my son Caleb.i wish they would make and sell the Terra Nova clothes in stores.
 i wanted to see this one because my "dream girl" Zooey Dechanel ((500)Days of Summer) is the star of it ,and this has the best cast and i laugh and laugh with every episode. i love you Zooey!
 The best show on T.V. (enough said) Kunal,Simon,and Johnny are needing some Awards!just saying
true fact i applied for Survivor once, after it first aired.i would love to go on this show, not for the money but just to see if i could do it!plus the should make a Survivor theme park!i would love to play all of the challenge games! hook me up!