Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trivia-What where the first movie posters ever made?

the first movie poster ever made is believed to be an 1890 French lithograph printed by Jules Cheret to promote the short film "Projections Artistiques."

 The movie posters  were created in 1890 by French painter and lithographer Jules Cheret for a short film called “Projections Artistiques” and the other a Theater program called “Pantomines Lumineuses”.  Most of the early film posters were signs with block text announcing the title, producer, and director. As the movie industry began to grow,  studios realized the marketing value of creating colourful artwork that depicted scenes from their movies to promote the films and bring in more viewers.

 1896 marks the first time a poster would be made for a specific movie, and not just a movie company. The famous “L’Arrouseur Arrose” (“The waterer watered”), generally considered the first fiction movie ever made, features a short gag of a young boy tricking a gardener into spraying himself, and his consequential punishment.

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