Friday, January 11, 2013

will this be the biggest event in the history of The Sundance Film Festival?

Next weekend is the Kickoff of The Sundance Film Festival! It actually starts a day or two before,but that is when most of the "Stars" arrive in Park City,Utah (i will also be there!) the biggest names in show business, and alot of lesser know names will be in, and around the city with Film promotions,events,concerts parties ect. the whole world will be watching!

With all of that,something even bigger is going to happen. Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic,and Pat Smear all remaining members, of the my favorite band Nirvana! will be having a Sound City Players concert.This in itself, is a very big event! What is also happening, a few days later is that the wife of Kurt Cobain (lead singer of the band Nirvana,who committed suicide in 1994) Courtney Love  will also be in Park City for a concert she is doing.

         (a recent picture of from left Dave,Sir Paul McCartney,Pat Smear,And Krist Novoselic)

So I think this will be the biggest event of The Sundance Film Festival ,if they all run into each other,which  Park City is a small town, and the chances of it happening are very good.odds are yes!

Big deal you say,em think again! they all use to get along just great, and even Dave Grohl was at Kurt and Courtney's wedding in Hawaii see below photo.

But sometime shortly after that,only Dave and Courtney really know the real details, Let's just say they did not get along very well at present, and i could speculate and share rumours to lenghty, for this blog post.They have been or i should say that Courtney has been very vocal about Dave and Krist and the relationship and part they had in Nirvana and with Kurt Cobain!

I think this is going to go either of three ways!

1. no run in whatsoever! Courtney may arrive in Park City  after Dave has already left?or they just will not run into each such a small town.

2.they will meet!and Sparks and words will fly from Courtney and the media will all be there to catch it all!the media will have a frenzy and it will be the biggest story out of Sundance.which will overshadow all of the great Films coming out at Sundance!

3.Now, this is what i hope happens. Courtney will finally just FORGIVE and if she is practicing  Chanting and Buddhist related stuff, like she tweets about sometimes,then she could use some of that practice and let be over with.STOP! the feuding and name calling ect. Let It Rest Courtney! Kurt would want that now.and it is a new year! let 2013 be the year it all ends!

For number 3 to happen,and the forgiveness to start. I think it would be best if Courtney reached out to Dave and Krist before Sundance and just apologize for all the past "STUFF" and move on from it. so then if they do run into each other, it will be a good polite encounter. and it would be great if Courtney and her Daughter Frances, could also go to Park City together. (that is another blog post in itself)

I would love to see a reconciliation from them all and who knows? maybe Dave and Courtney could reconcile, and invite each to  each others concerts,to go on stage and sing a Nirvana song or two?

Let's hope for the best!

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