Friday, January 6, 2012

What is all the buzz for a $9,000 movie! NEWLYWEDS!


I am an avid twitter guy!and the BUZZ i have noticed lately is on a film NEWLYWEDS! It is a film made by Actor/writer/Director Edward Burns (Saving Private Ryan ) for $9,000 and a crew of 3! I really love Edward and his approach to making movies.Edward kept the movie making cost low,uses social media to promote it,and released it on iTunes and VOD as well as in Movie Theatres.As i understand, with people who have made their own movies,is that they generally will see little return on the investment of actually making a movie,plus movie makers will max out all the credit cards and go into hugh debt just to see their labour of love shown on the big screen.NOT EDWARD! I hope more movie makers will follow Edward Burns and his approach to making and releasing a movie. Way to go Edward! I definitely will see this movie!and i hope you will also !

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