Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Jacques Bolsey Project needs contributions! only 8 days left!

my friends are in need of your help to raise money for this amazing documentary!if you have ever used a video camera or made a video on your cell phone then you have Jacques Bolsey to thank for his contribution .As a prolific inventor Mr. Bolsey put motion-picture cameras into the hands of amateur filmmakers.


This story was brought to light as a result of an accidental discovery by Bolsey's great granddaughter over 40 years after his death. During her second semester of film school, Alyssa Bolsey was confronted with the realization that her enigmatic great-grandfather, Jacques Bolsey, had been one of the pioneers of the consumer motion picture camera revolution. He was in fact, the inventor of the iconic Bolex camera. Why had this significant family history never been shared with her? With more questions than answers, Alyssa is presented with a mystery she is compelled to solve. She assembles a team of filmmakers, historians and family members to help her tell the story of a man who, almost a century ago, created a device that is still used today. It is time to uncover everything and she won't take silence for an answer.

will you please help make this project a reality!
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