Friday, August 5, 2011


i was excited to check out this movie.i read that it was a low budget film,that it had won a bunch of was an o.k. movie,the "monsters"looked like giant octopus,the story never went into depth about how they are on the planet,not much action as to fighting was more of a travel type story that i felt like i was along for the ride.the female lead "Sam" played by Whitney Able is very pretty along with "Andrew"played by Scoot McNairy  led you on a trek of them trying to get from Mexico to the United States also you are hoping for a big romance between them but this movie that could have been so much better fell short of being great to just O.k. if you are bored one night and want to watch a movie that has a OK story and some OK acting then this is for you.if you are wanting alien vs. human battles with alot of action then stay away,it will not be for you.

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