Wednesday, March 23, 2011

april movies to watch

April, 1 Hop-animation kids movie
April, 1 An Affirmative Act-gay marriage movie   
April, 1  Circo-Mexican traveling circus documentary 
April, 1 In A Better World (Haevnen)subtitled (limited) story of revenge and forgiveness
April, 1 The Last Godfather-mafia comedy*Harvey Keitel   
April, 1 Rubber-a mad tire is on the loose.   
April, 1 Wrecked-Adrien Brody-survival story 
April  1 Trust Clive Owen,Catherine Keener -teenage girl is targeted by an online sexual predator     
April, 1 Source Code-Jake Gyllenhaal,Michelle Monaghan,Vera Farmiga   
April, 1 Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead-documentary     
April, 1 Incendies-subtitled foreign    
April, 1 Queen to Play-Kevin Kline (in his first French-speaking role)      
April, 1 Super-Rainn Wilson,Ellen Page,Kevin Bacon,Liv Tyler 
 April, 6 Blank City-documentary about 1970's New York "Do it yourself" independent film making 
April, 8 Henry's Crime-James Caan,Vera Farmiga,Keanu Reeves,Judy Greer
April, 8 Your Highness-Natalie Portman,Danny Mcbride,James Franco,Zooey Deschanel   
April, 8 Arthur- Russell Brand,Helen Mirren,Jennifer Garner
April  8  Meet Monica Velour- Kim Cattrall     
April, 8 Hanna-Eric Bana,Cate Blanchett,Saoirse Ronan     
April, 8 Soul Surfer-Helen Hunt,based on a true story     
April, 8 The Bill Hicks Story-documentary    
April, 8 Ceremony-Uma Thurman,Michael Angarano     
April, 8 Meek's Cutoff-Michelle Williams,Will Patton,Paul Dano   
April, 8 Born to be Wild 3D (IMAX)-documentary
April, 13 A Screaming Man-African subtitled 
April, 15 Rio-Animation
April, 15 Armadillo-danish soldiers fighting the Taliban.war documentary subtitled   
April, 15 The Conspirator-James Mcavoy,robin wright,Evan Rachel wood,Kevin Kline         
April, 15 Dumbstruck-ventriloquism documentary   
April, 15 Footprints-Sybil Temtchine-lady loses her memory    
April, 15 The Double Hour-subtitled foreign
April, 15 The Princess of Montpensier-french subtitled   
April, 22 Born to Be a Star-Stephen Dorff,Christina Ricci      
April, 22 African Cats-documentary
April, 22 The Bang Bang Club-Malin Akerman,Ryan Phillippe,apartheid war drama
April, 22 The Robber-German subtitled true story of a runner turned bank robber  
April, 22 Apollo 18-
April, 22 When Harry Tries to Marry -arranged marriage that gets complicated   
April, 22 Haywire-Bill Paxton,Michael Angarano,Antonio Banderas,Michael Douglas,Ewan McGregor  
April, 22 Water for Elephants-Robert Pattinson,Reese Witherspoon
April, 29 Fast Five-Vin Diesel,Paul Walker,Dewayne Johnson 
April, 29 Prom-Disney     
April, 29 13 Assassins-subtitled Japanese
April, 29 Hoodwinked 2: Hood vs. Evil-CGI FILM
April, 29 Earthwork-John Hawkes. crop artist DOES ARTWORK ON LAND
April, 29 Sympathy for Delicious-LAURA LINNEY,MARK RUFFALO,ORLANDO BLOOM,Juliette Lewis. paralyzed DJ seeks out the world of faith healing.   
TBA The Arbor-documentary
TBA Blood Out-Val Kilmer,50 cent    
TBA Caves of Forgotten Dreams-documentary by Werner Herzog  
TBA Exporting Raymond-documentary     
TBA Friends with Kids-Jon Hamm,Megan Fox,Kristen Wiig    
TBA Greatest Movie Ever Sold-documentary    

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