Tuesday, June 28, 2011

July movies to see

July, 1 Larry Crowne-Tom Hanks,Julia Roberts   
July, 1 Monte Carlo- Selena Gomez,Leighton Meester   
July, 1 Delhi Belly- comedy from India   
July, 1 Love Etc.- documentary     
July, 1 Magic Trip- documentary   
July, 1 The Perfect Host- David Hyde Pierce thriller 
July, 1 Terri- John C.Reilly comedy  
July, 6 Rapt-?   
July, 8 Zookeeper-Kevin James,Ken Jeong   
July, 8 Horrible Bosses-Jennifer Aniston,Colin Farrell,Jason Bateman   
July, 8 Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest-Hip Hop documentary   
July, 8 Chllar Party-India ?    
July, 8 Ironclad- Kate Mara,Paul Giamatti 13th century action adventure   
July, 8 The Ledge-Liv Tyler,Charlie Hunnam,Terrance Howard thriller  
July, 8 Project Nim- chimpanzee documentary   
July, 8 The Ward- Amber Heard horror thriller   
July, 15 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II-
July, 15 Winnie the Pooh-animation   
July, 15 Buzzkill- ?   
July, 15 Life, Above All-africa drama  
July, 15 Salvation Boulevard-Ed Harris,Greg Kinnear,Pierce Brosnan,Marisa Tomei religious cult thriller  
July, 15 Snowflower and the Secret Fan- Hugh Jackman china history drama  
July, 15 Tabloid- abduction documentary  
July, 18 Sinbad The Fifth Voyage- Patrick Stewart     
July, 22 Captain America: The First Avenger- Chris Evans,Stanley Tucci,Tommy Lee Jones sci-fi thriller   
July, 22 Friends with Benefits-Justin Timberlake,Mila Kunis,Jenna Elfman,Emma Stone    
July, 22 Another Earth-William Mapother,Brit Marling    
July, 22 Myth of the American Sleepover-coming of age drama  
July, 22 Sarah's Key-Kristen Scott Thomas,Aiden Quinn drama   
July, 24 Life in a Day-documentary    
July, 27 El Bulli: Cooking in Progess- documentary from germany  
July, 29 Cowboys and Aliens-Harrison Ford,Paul Dano,Daniel Craig,Sam Rockwell  
July, 29 The Smurfs-animation   
July, 29 Crazy, Stupid, Love- Emma Stone,Ryan Gosling,Steve Carell  
July, 29 The Devil's Double- Dominic Cooper,Ludivine Sagnier -based on a true story
July, 29 All In-?    
July, 29 The Sleeping Beauty-french drama   
July, 29 Point Blank- french crime thriller   
July, 29 The Future-Miranda July  
July, 29 The Guard-Brendan Gleeson,Don Cheadle 

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