Wednesday, July 6, 2011

3 movies that i thought sucked

Hangover 2
why didn't they just stop at the first one?the guys even took precautions to not get "roofied" but they got into trouble anyway.i just wish i was slipped a "roofie"during the show to forget that  i even saw it.what  a waste of time.i would have rather sat through another root canal.

Super 8

I thought it was kind of a cross between a Goonies and E.T. really i only watched it because everyone said it was so good? they obviously do not know what makes up a good movie.BUT  it did star Elle Fanning .I liked her acting,but she couldn't even make it a hit movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean
they should have stopped at the 3rd one, but they didn't?really i like the story of Jack Sparrow, but the only thing i liked, was the mermaid and that was because she was "hot"

avoid them,or at least wait until they come out on DVD and see for yourself.

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