Friday, September 28, 2012

Why do they have to lock my favorite T.V. shows?

I have a complaint ! I love T.V. shows, and my biggest problem is when you go to a network web page (CBS,FOX,ABC,NBC,ect) to watch a episode you may have missed,because of work or a football game or whatever,and you see that the episode you want to watch is locked! Now you have to wait 8 days until you can watch THAT episode! now I am maybe one of the few, that is not Financially able to afford a fancy big flat screen t.v. and cable and even a DVR to record my favorite shows. I want to just log on to the network web page and just click and watch.These Networks are already getting HUGH amounts of advertising dollars just to make these shows, and then more money is made on DVD SEASON box sales and selling each episode on iTunes ,ect. why can't they just leave it alone.I would think it would help the fans of the T.V. shows, and help the ratings of the networks (do they even include those numbers from web hits?) I remember when the first season of Two Broke Girls came out! and i just loved being able to watch the episodes on the Network web page! until about halfway through the season, and WAM!they went and did something even worse! they took ALL of the episodes off and no longer air them on the web page?This makes no since to me??? I and many thousands of others or maybe it was hundreds.wrote on the network comments page complaining.But some big honcho decided it was the best way to go. I disagree.As fan like myself I am going to rewatch or watch the are making this option available to those who maybe are a student or their only means of watching is via going onto the network web page and catching up on the shows they love,some people at work even click on and watch.. Other T.V. shows have had great success in "being there" for the fans! Shows that come into my mind are (Terra Nova,Terriers,Survivor,Big Brother,Two and a Half Men,How I Met Your Mother), so why do the others think they are all so special by doing a 8 day lock on the episodes. I bet that the Providers and Networks have made some sort of money deal as to do this. My options are to get a DVR, chill out and deal with it, and wait for 8 days until it is unlocked.or find a friend who recorded it. until i figure it out, i guess this is what i am going to have to deal with! (see below)

 1 day

Episodes are available 1 day after airdate to subscribers of participating TV providers.

8 days

Episodes unlock 8 days after airdate

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