Thursday, February 14, 2013

I want to be on a reality show! someone help me out!

So when the Reality Show phenomenon happened. I have wanted to be on one! I have three that i am really interested in.but not sure if it will ever happen.I guess you just have to submit to them and see what will happen.I would do them to play the game and not for the money.

Now i have already applied to be on Survivor before,but that was years ago. I guess my tape sucked or ?it is really hard to convey what or why in 3 minutes or less.And with so many people applying it is hard to really compete with millions of people doing what you are trying to do.I feel like it is elementary school Dodge ball ,and i was always second to  last to get picked.I will tell which 3 i would be great at and why.

Survivor is my first love! I watched it since day one! My favorite books are Survival type books and movies like Alive,Papillion,ect.I like camping and the outdoors.I have even slept out in the winter in a tent for my few years as assistant Scout Master. I would just love the experience of just being on and playing the game.I would do really well at this I hope..I would be able to get along great with anybody.and would have alot of ideas and skills for the game.I would make a blanket out of bark or whatever i could find, so i wouldn't freeze at night sleeping,and you would see me fishing and helping out making a fire ect.Because i am from Idaho,I really enjoy fishing and camping.I did apply once to Survivor along time ago,then because of being the sole Job holder at the time,I didn't pursue it any further.It didn't feel right at the i had developed insulin resistance and it stopped me for a time.but i have that all under control now.My  kids are older,and things are better.I just have this burning desire to do i could go and play the game.I would love to see if i would have what it takes to play this game,that i love so much. And if i made it to the jury i would be happy.I wouldn't play it for the money just for the experience.I am maybe not the "character"that they would want Rugged Handsome guy with ripped muscles,Crazy people types. but can you have a show with all great people?No, i think you could have an average guy on,and i have seen some that have been on survivor, and think they do not do anything for the game they do not get any real talk time in.i could do better!I just do not know how i would be until i was in the game. Bring it on!

Big Brother became another show i just have really enjoyed.I would love to be in the house and experience all that the show has to throw at me.I have no problem with living with all types of people.And in my life i have always been the one ,that people come to and talk about the frustrations they have with other co workers and just venting in general I have always been a great listener and give great advice.I would be that guy everyone would feel comfortable with in confiding and planning.I also am very good at stirring the pot and taking the gossip to others and great at lying about it ,if confronted. So i am ready to expect the unexpected.I would be the "older guy"in the house and I am not a totally outgoing guy.i would be like "chicken"George or Jack or Howie (the first time he played,not the second time when he came back,he was a jerk)It would be great.if you guys need an older guy! i am your man!

This one i just started watching last season.i was too busy watching all of the other shows,that i didn't want to get invested in another show.I really missed out.Now i want to be on this show.but sadly no one wants to be on it with me. I would be totally fine with them hooking me up with a stranger.we could do it and make it work!I could see myself racing all around the world just playing this game.

I do not think you really need "follow the rules"to send in a tape,they just need to be interested in you and you can do the rest later.You just need to get someones attention.that is why i am posting this.

Well if you know of someone with connections to help me get on a show,or can pass this on to others that would help me in my desire to play on a reality show!

I would also be interested in any new ones.but these our my favorite. 
check out my video part one and two 

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