Friday, April 12, 2013

Please support this Kickstarter project "THE BOYS AT THE BAR" a Richard Dutcher film

I had a great opportunity to sit in a forum by  Richard Dutcher in 2002 called "The Art of Filmmaking" and have been a big fan and supporter of his Films.I even have an autographed VHS of his movie "God's Army"! When I asked Richard for an autograph he said "Sure,but it isn't worth anything" I have to argue with that! As a lover and fan of his movies,he is up there with all of the great directors and movie makers of our time! (my opinion) I even gave him my Resume ,with hopes of maybe getting the opportunity to work on a film crew with him.I never received that call, I should have persued that more,but maybe someday! But I consider him a great filmmaker/actor and friend. Richard and his team  have another great project in it's final stages ,that needs our support.

The Boys at the Bar is Produced by the innovative educational experiment PROJECT 23, and in the following video, you can learn more about it and this Kickstarter project!

Please go check out the project and the  links below.and please support !


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