Friday, July 12, 2013

Set The Table -web series

 SET THE TABLE is about the strained relationship of a middle aged couple Becca   (Deborah Adair) and Mark  Peterson (John Alston) with Becca coping with death of her father, with uncertainties in the workplace and an unexpected empty nest, this puts strains on their relationship.Using the power of cooking, and its ability to bring people together is a central part of the web series.I really liked watching this web series and look forward to watching more of Set The Table season 2 .I also  know that the family table is such important place for families to connect and with everything demanding all of our time.We need to make that a priority in our families,to at least have one meal together each day.
and i think that Deborah is doing a great job in reminding us of that.No matter what age we are.or our relationship status.

Each episode also includes a recipe so you can learn to make the Yummy dishes you see.with instructional videos included on the web page and on Pinterest.

Enjoy episode one and go Cook something today for the family!


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