Monday, December 30, 2013

goodbye 2013!

So i had so many plans for The Getting Spot blog, I was going to post every day add videos and just really put so much energy into it.I was working nights at the Hospital in medical records. I was only working 4 or 5 hrs. a night and It was cool and i had so much time for watching movies and blogging.Also around that time, I was also bugging my boss about more hours and I really wanted to just be able to work and be able to provide insurance for myself and my 3 kids.Fast forward to the last week of August.and the plans I had for this blog and what i was going to do,with it, changed over night.

A fellow coworker who worked during the day and was in charge of Birth Certificates,decided to put in her notice.It was now an opportunity for me to switch and take over that roll of Birth Certificate clerk. So that's what i have been doing lately,I decided to take a break for a bit on the blog. But i have missed it so much. I apologize to any FAN of the blog,for not blogging at all during that time.

Even though I enjoyed taking time off i really missed it.

some of the questions i have since September has been.

1. I see people looking at the blog.the numbers are rising but where do i go from here ???
2. why haven't I made any money from it?
3. why do i not have any followers?
4.should i give it up? Is there any value?
5.what is my voice on here?

well i guess,It really comes down to the fact that  I really missed doing this blog and sharing and being a small voice about movies and web series.

So goodbye 2013 and hello 2014! stick around, lets see what happens.

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