Friday, February 25, 2011

Awkward Embraces-web series

Already into season 2,Awkward Embraces is a fresh web series,that is gaining a cult  following.The theme of Awkward Embraces is "Nerdy girls need love, too."    This is a mix of "Friends","Sex in the City", and
"The Big Bang Theory". I am new to the web series scene,and i found out about Awkward Embraces from a friend that i follow on twitter,PJ Gaynard I clicked on the link that he had posted with episode 2,season 2 titled "The Booty Call".I immediately fell in love with it! and fell in love with the main character Jessica (played by Jessica Mills)What a hidden gem of a comedy series!  I also love that it is full of improvisation ,and shot with a Canon 5D Mark II camera ! It is also what i call, a D.I.Y film meaning that it is a fully-independent production.

It is wonderfully Written and produced by, and starring Jessica Mills, and co-starring Candis Phlegm and Lyndsey Doolen, I can't wait to start at the beginning to watch all of the misadventures of these three pretty, and talented stars.So break away from the main stream shows, and try out for yourself ,the Awkward Embraces web series.

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