Monday, February 14, 2011

March 2011 movies to see

March, 4 Rango- cartoon 
March, 4 The Adjustment Bureau-Matt Damon,Emily Blunt  
March, 4 Take Me Home Tonight -Anna Farris
March, 4 HappyThankYouMorePlease -Malin Ackerman,Kate Mara     
 March, 5 Red State-Melissa Leo,John Goodman - Traveling show with Kevin Smith  
March, 11 Battle: Los Angeles-Aaron Eckhart,Michelle Rodriguez    
March, 11 Mars Needs Moms- Joan Cusack,Seth Green( disney cartoon)      
March, 11 Elektra Luxx- Carla Gugino,Joseph Gordon Leavitt,Malin Ackerman   
March, 11 Red Riding Hood -Amanda Seyfried 
March, 11 3 Backyards- Edie Falco
 March, 11 Certified Copy -Juliette Binoche
 March, 11 The Desert of Forbidden Art-documentary
 March, 11 Kill The Irishman- Val Kilmer,Christopher Walken
March, 18 Limitless Relativity-Bradley Cooper 
March, 18 Paul- Simon Pegg,Seth Rogan,Nick Frost
March, 18 The Lincoln Lawyer-Matthew McConaughey,Marisa Tomei
March, 18 The Music Never Stops-Julie Ormond,J.K.Simmons         
March, 18 Win Win -Paul Giamatti   
March, 18 Winter in Wartime- war movie 
March, 23 The Beaver-Mel Gibson,Jennifer Lawrence,Jodie Foster 
March, 25 Sucker Punch -Jon Hamm,Carla Gugino 
March, 25 Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Rodick Rules-Zachary Gordon,Steve Zahn          
March, 25 The 5th Quarter-Andie McDowell( inspirational football movie)    
March, 25 Miral - Willem Dafoe,Freida Pinto  
March, 25 Peep World - Kate Mara,Rainn Wilson,Michael C. Hall  
March, 25 Skateland -  70's era coming to age movie
March, 25 White Irish Drinkers -Stephen Lang,Karen Allen 
March, 26 Dumbstruck -documentary on ventriloquism        

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