Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Welcome to the Rileys


Welcome to the Rileys is an amazing movie with  some of the finest work that  have seen ,from  James Gandolfini (The Sopranos)and the ever versatile Melissa Leo(The Fighter) along with Kristen Stewart (Twilight)it is a story of a man(Gandolfini)who seeks salvation by caring for a wayward young woman (Stewart)This is the first movie i have seen with James Gandolfini which is a nice change from the Sopranos role he had played.and definitely not the normal role you would seen Kristen Stewart play in.If you wanted another Twilight or Sopranos then this movie isn't for you.but if  you love a solid story,love any of the three actors.love movies about forgiveness,and helping others out, when they don't want or don't know they need help.then this movie is a good movie to check out.

Rated R for strong sexual content, brief drug use and pervasive language involving a teenager.

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