Thursday, December 27, 2012

14 of my favorite movies from 2012

I took a look back at all of the movies i have watched from 2012,and out of the 200+ released this year,i think i have watched around 85-90 movies.that was mostly on DVD. The majority of them,i was lucky enough to pick up from my local library! I like these movies for different reasons, and I hope you would take a look at them and see if you like them as well.

I loved 'The Way' because i love adventure movies, and this movie was for me, one that made me cry and laugh. It is a story of a father who loses his son and finishes a Journey his son could not..I think if i could, i would like to take a hike on the "The El Camino"

I found this one,and was really excited to check it out.It was another powerful movie that hit emotions in me. a story of a guy with a 50/50 shot at beating cancer.

This movie was just great!I love movies with Mark Duplass and is a movie about a guy with a time machine!and taking a chance to change the future or past!

This is a True Story of Bernie a funeral director and a murder. and a  amazing performance by Jack Black!and the town who fell in love with Bernie.

This is a powerful movie about a Father and a Son.I think this is very Oscar Worthy,by Mr. Robert De Niro. But i doubt the Acadamy will award him anything for it. I am also a hugh fan of Paul Dano and this is such amazing performances from them both!

I love Music,and this Documentary is one of the best! In watching, i learned so much about Bob Marley and his life. a great one for any music lover or Fan of Bob Marley!
Richard Gere,in one of, if not his best role yet! I was able to stand next to Mr. Gere and shake his hand at The Sundance Film Festival this year! and was excited to check this out!I was not disappointed! a very intense performance that deserves the Oscar!
This was a great movie!and worthy of any awards,I loved the one room, 4 people performances. it was as close to watching a play or being in the room as you could get.Real and emotional.

Probably my favorite out of all of them. Boy Scout runs away, falls in love with a girl.adventure and a coming of age story.outstanding in every sense.

Maybe one every couple should watch, I was moved by this movie about relationships,love,faith, was funny and moving.

This documentary is about Patty Schemel and she was in 'Hole' a grunge Band in the 90's. I love 'Hole' and it gave me a insider look into that and Patty and her drug addiction.also as a hugh Kurt Cobain fan, i was able to see some home movies that had Kurt in them.watching the band Hole in some on stage performances was also a bonus. But to see how Patty made it to where she is now, is amazing.

as a Craigslist junkie,i wanted to watch this. It was a great documentary of a guy, and how he used Craigslist, to travel and live off the goodness of people. a great study into kindness of strangers.

a true story of a man who was moved to action,to help Save children and people in a struggle that is moving and never ending.One Man can make a difference!

A great movie with Nick Cage,i always wondered what length i would go to just to get revenge.

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