Monday, December 3, 2012

The Getting Spot wants to go to The Sundance Film Festival!

I go to Sundance every year,for 2 days, generally the first opening Friday and Saturday. I travel from Idaho to Utah and stay with my sister in law and then drive back and forth to Park City for Sundance.

the plans are still the same and i am going! but I would love to go as a correspondent for anyone that needs someone to tweet and report on the goings on at Sundance January 17-27.or you could just donate for me to go and i will post my adventures on this blog and twitter. I am not really sure if my boss would give me the 11 days off. I may just have to quit and find something when i get back. but it would be worth it!

what is needed:

travel is covered! I can drive from Idaho to Utah.

Lodging (i would sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag,in the corner of your place) or one of those fancy lodging i could stay later and not have to make the trip back to Bountiful each night. those roads get pretty slick.or i can make the trip back and forth.

food $$(i could eat cheap and pack snacks and sandwiches )or  i could eat better at other spots. all to be tweeted to everyone.

money for movie tickets OR a movie package not sure what that is going to cost.

maybe $$$ to upgrade phone and i am thinking a GoPro setup or a flip cam? (do they make those any more?) a laptop to work on the blog, and post pictures and such to twitter ect.

I am just going to toss this out there and see if anyone wants to donate and help me out,so i can spend the 11 days at Sundance. you will get shout outs and lots of love from me and The Getting Spot. and this could be a great tax deduction for you. (do you get a deduction for that?)

not sure the totals amount needed but if i could get $3000+ or more i could make it work.

just trying to make a dream come true.using the Law of Attraction and a lot of prayers.for this.

peace and love!

email me at
twitter @stephenmmayes

Stephen Mayes
335 South Skyline Drive
Idaho Falls,Idaho 83402

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