Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Getting Spot needs your help

I have tried many ways to make money off of this blog, affiliate ads ect,and even have posted my address for those who would like to donate to help support this blog.but after 3 years i have still made $0 from it and have received nothing in return.I did win a flash drive for a web series and posted a review. this is a labour of love and i enjoy it very much.I also work so my time gets limited. I have removed ads and would like to be independent. I do not want to be rich,but i would like to be rewarded.

I like web series and movies  and understand everyone is strapped for cash. I can spread the word about you and what you are doing. but i need a little help on my end. sure mentions are good and retweets i love em.,and if that is all you can do, than that is cool. sometimes, that is all i can do.

I spend alot of time on the web and twitter looking for new things to post that i believe you would enjoy also.

what am i asking for,here on this post?

money donations- for support of this blog and to watch movies.
movie swag
dvds- new and older for reviews ect
your products,movies web series to review! saving me alot of time researching the web.
music- if you are a music group/singer i can help
whatever else i have left out?

if you want to have a review of something then send me whatever you have. any product big or small it doesn't have to be movie/entertainment related.and maybe we can work out something.

I also do paid reviews. we can work out the price,just email me.

I also need a new computer anyone want to donate a laptop? we can put a company logo on it for pictures i will tweet it out and everyone will see it.

I am just throwing it out to you.I see it as a win/win you scratch my back i will scratch yours.I see 2013 as a great year for The Getting Spot!

The Getting Spot aims to be a top spot for everyone to come for the best information on entertainment. and everything else.

thanks for reading and if you can help THANKS!

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