Tuesday, December 4, 2012

King Loses Crown Music video

I have to share this amazing music video from King Loses Crown!I am kinda bias toward this band because i know the Bass Player Kent.
Today the San Francisco trio King Loses Crown releases their new single today, “My Revenge.” and it is accompanied with the music video.

It was directed by visual effects director Jim Mitchell (Harry Potter, Sleepy Hollow, and Jurassic Park III).  Mitchell had been developing a robot character and when he heard “My Revenge” he realized the song’s theme was “similar to what [he] was imagining for the world of the character.” He edited a few of his robot animations to the song and “couldn’t believe how it just seemed to naturally sync up like they were meant to be together.”

You Can’t Escape EP, February 2013

via: http://3hive.com/2012/12/04/king-loses-crown-2/





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