Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How to Get On Reality T.V. book by Dan Gheesling

I do not get paid to do this and I haven't received a book or anything.but as a fan of some reality shows (Survivor,Big Brother,Amazing Race,ect.)I think a book from a guy who has been on T.V. (Big Brother)would help anyone,who has dreams of getting on a Reality T.V. show! In reading Dan's book,you would be able to read and learn from first hand experience on what he went through to finally get on T.V. and since "Success leaves Clues" why not learn from a "Master"

Taken from the Book Description:

Dan Gheesling is known for winning the 2008 grand prize on the hit CBS Reality TV show Big Brother. But what most people don’t know about Dan is the journey he actually took to get cast on Reality TV... until now. Follow Dan on his journey and experience first hand how many times Dan was rejected in the casting process and what exactly he did to overcome it. Learn how Dan started playing Big Brother before the game even started! Whether you are a Reality TV fan or just someone who loves an epic underdog story, How A Normal Guy Got Cast on Reality TV gives you an inside look at how a normal Catholic School Teacher from Michigan beat the odds and fulfilled his dream of being in the Big Brother house.
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